Very often I am asked about the quality of different brands of markers. Which is fair, since most of them are quite expensive. Here is a review of the most popular markers available in the market: Copic, Promarker, Prismacolor, and Chartpak.




Promarkers are the first professional markers I ever used. They are widely used among different types of designers and so are for a reason.

Pros: The moderate flow of fluid makes them easy to use on marker paper, but a bit challenging – on regular printing one. The pigment is rich and gives sharp and solid color. It is also easy to make different tones since the marker layers perfectly. Huge selection of colors is also a big plus.

Cons: they dry out quite fast. Another big minus is that they are expensive and not refillable.

Comment: Since 2015 Promarkers were transferred from Letraset Ltd to Windsor&Newton. There is a hope that a big and famous art supplies brand will improve the quality of Promarkers and/or drop the price.



Copic is one of the most popular markers that has two nibs: a flat wedge nib and a replaceable fine point nib. They are refillable and have a wide diapason of colors. Recently one of my friends asked me to show her some rendering techniques and brought her 4-year-old COPIC markers. I was impressed by their condition – they worked perfectly!

Pros: Rich and beautiful pigmentation. Fine point nib makes it easy to draw thin lines and small details. Layering is great. Marker dries fast with little to no bleed. Widely used among artists, so it is easier to get a reference to it in e.g. in tutorials.

Cons: Might be the most expensive marker on the market. Brush nib frays after extended usage.



PRISMACOLOR’s Premier Line marker also has two nibs: a flat wedge nib and a fine point nib. PRISMACOLOR is also one of the top widely favored markers among designers.

Pros: Rich and beautiful coloring. Durable nibs. Nice layering with almost no bleeding. Much cheaper than Promarker and Copic. Flexible brush nib with an easy flow of ink to tip.

Cons: Dries out faster. Not refillable ink and not replaceable nibs, which makes it necessary to buy another set of markers after using the fluid.



CHARTPAK is a budget-friendly option of professional markers.

Pros: It has long-lasting ink. It has nice rich color just as other professional markers and it cost less.

Cons: It bleeds a bit. It is a drawback for inexperienced artists. The reason is that it requires some practice to regulate the bleed with pressure. It is single sided. Even though its wedge nib is versatile and uniquely shaped, I prefer having one fine nib for the details in my fashion sketches.

You can find a review of more markers here.

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  • Julian

    I got the Copic ciao of 36 are they good? and i want to buy promarkers and chartpak, but can you recommend me what set can i buy, cause i really dont know, thanks 🙂

  • Rochelle Johnson

    I would post a video about the remaking of fashion, and why its popular.

  • Rochelle Johnson

    I also use copip too.

  • Rochelle Johnson

    copic, sorry. to awnser you’r question, there great.

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