Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are gorgeous. The designer himself is a great inspiration. He started small with passion, ideas and a workshop of 15 people. Within 10 years he became a huge brand with boutiques all around the world, offering breath-taking designs of pumps and sandals.



In this tutorial, I will explain how to render Giuseppe Zanotti Firewings sandals. You can download the FSketcher  template for sandals to draw your own designs viewed from the same angle.


Draw the sole of the shoes together with the heels. Draw the wings along the front strapline. Add bar straps with buckles and a center-back strapline.You can also download the printable template. Color everything with the light tone of yellow (in my case it’s Primrose Promarker).

image with giuseppe zanotti golden shoes


With darker yellow (here “Gold” Promarker) add texture on the wings with strokes resembling the veins of leaves. Add some gold on the straplines. Using “Warm Grey 4” or any unsaturated brown color the sole. Using different shades of Cool Grey color the front part of the insole. Check this article on how to make gradients using markers.

image showing on how to render guiseppe zanotti shoes


Use  Warm Grey 5 and Brown to add more texturing lines on the wings (similar to what we did with darker yellow before). Use Warm Grey 5 to color the inner part of the wings that are at the back. With the same marker, color the middle part of the insole and straplines. With Caramel or any Beige or Light Brown add contrast on the upper part of the insole.



You can add extra shine along the outsole, on the buckles and on the wings (especially on the top of the darkest lines). You can also use a black pencil or a little bit of Black marker to increase contrast as I did in the second example below.

Feel free to share your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

P.S. If there are any mistakes, I would be happy if you helped me to fix them.

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