Music understands, encourages, celebrates and accompanies. It affects not just our mental health, but also the physical one. The assessment of results of 23 studies by Bradt & Dileo (in 2009) covering 1,500 people has concluded that music can help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.One study of University of Missouri found that: “‘People were successful at raising their positive mood as long as the music they listened to was happy and upbeat.’



Like, don’t you love disco and its beats? Why does this exact genre of music give such an uplifting effect if listened to?  Well, the average speed for most classic disco songs is 120bpm, which is also the average pace of heartbeat during excitement. In other words, our body tries to synchronize with the rhythm of disco music, and , as a result, the pleasure centers of our brain get activated. Dopamine gets released and we get more focused, organized and inspired :D.  Enjoy this YouTube playlist or find it on Spotify.


The night is silent and mysterious. It lets you connect with your inner self and dive into your fantasies. Whatever people say about productivity and “habits-of-worlds-most-successful-people-and-their-morning-routine’, I LOVE sleeping in the morning and working at night. If you do so, check out this awesome playlist on YouTube or 8tracks.


The best thing to do is to put on headphones, get a glass of wine and imagine your big success: champagne everywhere, flashing lights, catwalks, headlines. I am not a big fan of pop-music, but this playlist of the Art Institutes is so sweet. Check it out on 8tracks.


Awwwwww! Big cities and lonely hearts. Love the smooth vibe of this playlist. Find it on 8tracks.

BTW YouTube playlists are not exactly the same as 8tracks ones. So I recommend registering on 8tracks, if you’re not already there. There is much more to find over there and it is just that convenient.


In short, if you are planning a couple of hours of very productive and energetic work, this playlist is designed for you. Find it on YouTube or 8tracks.


Summer, freedom, contradictions and feeling cool, – that’s all about coming season. This playlist is more nocturnal as well. Check this playlist on Youtube and 8tracks.


Once I was talking to my friend and we were discussing this idea of the moment of inspiration when you feel like you’ve caught the signal from other dimension or a different world. Sometimes it really feels like we are just receiving-sets that should be tuned right to catch “the information waves”. These playlists might make you feel it. Links to 8tracks and YouTube.


If you like listening to Asaf Avidan and Two Doors Cinema, this playlist might be of your choice. Check it out on 8tracks and YouTube.

Of course, what is fantastically inspiring for me, is not necessarily so for you. Music is based on personal tastes and feelings. What genre of music do you prefer listening to when creating? Feel free to share the links to your favorite playlists in the comment section below. 

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