Drawing hands is a big challenge when you start sketching a human body. A hand is a complex structure. It is very flexible and each finger is flexible too. As a result, there is an unlimited number of hand gestures. That’s why I decided to make this lesson that will teach you to analyze images of different hand gestures. Based on that analysis you will be able to draw any hand gesture that you want to depict.

Using photographic references is very beneficial in practical terms. It will improve your drawing skills. After a while, you will just “feel” how to draw hands in certain positions without any external source.

First, take a look at these two videos, where I am explaining how to analyze the hands on images.



Now take a look at this hand that is holding a bag. How to draw it? Well, first take a look at the pink outline. We see a simple polygon.  Stick it to the wrist. After that locate 4 joints on the top of it. Take a look at the  “finger-lines” on the reference image. Pay attention to whether the fingers have the same or different directions and to whether they are bent or not. After that finish drawing fingers, outline the hand drawing and start coloring.

how to draw hands


On the next photo, we see two curved lines: the left line is less sloped and curved inwards; the right one is more sloped and curved outwards. The joints are located on declining arch. The second row of joints (pink dots) has the similar shape as the first one (green dots).

drawing hands tutorial


In the next example, we draw two similar lines (in red) – the second one is shorter and slightly bent inwards. We position joints diagonally, closer to the longer line. We find the direction of the finger-lines and then with their help we finish drawing finger. Don’t forget about



Usually, when I draw the length between wrist and joints is equal to the length of half face (approx. from a chin to the middle part of a nose). Long fingers have similar length. So total length of a palm is equal to a total length of a face.

drawing hands easy

model hands drawing

When you draw hands pay attention to the relationship between smaller parts as well. For example, in the image below we see that her thumb ends on the level of the second joint row (in green). Her other fingers (in blue) are at the same level as the base of thumb’s nail.

hands drawing lesson

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below. Non parlo americano, so I would really appreciate if you spot any mistakes that I could improve in the article 🙂

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    Thank you for the tutorial. Would you also post one on how to draw beautiful lips?

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    Excellent tutorial!

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