Drawing head in different angles can be a real challenge.  In this article, you will learn how to draw a female head seen from different angles. You will also examine a couple of techniques that will let you change the style and the mood of your drawings. First, check out the video below to better understand the instructions.


1) Draw the same rectangular framework as in the video above.

2) Draw the eyes so the upper eyelid is on the same line as the central horizontal line.

3) Draw the lips so the center of the mouth is on the “lips” line. Remember that in a straight head position we draw mouth a bit higher than “lips” line.

4) Draw the nose closer to the lips.

5) Draw ears as it is shown in the image below.

drawing head glance


1) Draw squared framework so the length of the head is equal to its width.

2) Divide the lower rectangle as usually into three equal parts.

3) Draw the ears as it is shown in the image below.

4) Start drawing the eye at the same level as the tip of the ear.

5) Pay attention to the fact that the width of an eye equals approx. to 1/4 of the left part of the framework.

So if you have a square 3×3 (30mm x 30 mm), then the half width of the square equals to 15 mm. Hence the width of the eye is 15/4=almost 4 mm.

6) Draw the nose with its tip on the “nose line”. The average width of a nose from a tip to a wing of a nose is equal to the width of an eye.

7) Draw the lips above the “lips” line.

drawing head a female profile

3/4 VIEW

1) Draw the basic rectangular framework.

2) Divide the left side by two. You will get the width of the eye that is closer to a viewer.

3) Divide that width by two and you will get the width of the eye that is at the back (the right eye).

4)  Start drawing her nose from the inner corner of her right eye. Draw a slightly diagonal line on the “nose” line.

5) The width of the chin is similar to the width of her “bigger” eye. The chin is located almost in the center of the left rectangle.

drawing head


1) Draw the same rectangular framework as before.

2) Draw her right eye of general width (W/4) so its inner corner is on the central vertical line.

3) The distance between the eyes is equal to the width of the eye drawn (W/4).

4) As she is leaning back we need to change the angle of three guiding lines in the right rectangle.

5) Draw the right eye using new sloped “eye” line. The width must be approx. 1/5 point smaller. So if the width of her left eye is 5 mm then the width of her right eye is 4 mm.

6) Draw the nose starting from the  inner corner of her left eye. Her nose is parallel to the central vertical line.

7) Draw her lips with regard to the slope of “lips” line.

drawing head 3/4 view


 changing the mood of the fashion sketch

If you prefer the dolly look of the left head drawing, then you will need to play with shapes and sizes. To get these big eyes divide the width of the rectangle by 3 instead of 4. You will also need to make lip line more curved to get those pouty lips. As you can see, she has quite prominent chin so you can adjust its size. Draw her jaws closer to her ears.

If you prefer gloomy mood of the right drawing then you will need to play with contrast. Darken shadows around the inner corner of the eyes, on the side of her nose, under her nose and under her lips. Do not color her iris. Just draw the pupil.

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