Drawing afro-curls is not that difficult as it seems to be. In this article, you will learn how to render beautiful afro-curls. With a few simple steps, you will be able to draw realistic 3-dimensional hair.  As this lesson is about hair, you should prepare your head sketch ready.


Step 1

With a pencil and a fine-line pen draw the outline of the hair. For the first layer of marker pick a brown color of medium darkness. It is much easier to show highlights and shadows when you have a bit lighter base color, e.i. not pure black. It is always nice to show some reflection of light on a sketch. Plus it is easy to build a gradient from light to dark, but not vice versa.

how to draw afro curls


Step 2

Hair is a 3-dimensional object. It is especially important to keep in mind when you draw hair with as much volume as afro-curls. When we draw a 3-D object we should show highlights and shadows. It does not make sense to draw every single piece of hair, especially in a fashion sketch. The image below shows what looks good (on the left), and what is not that good (on the right).

You can add volume (draw shadows) with the same brown that you used in step 1.



Step 3

Now you can apply extra shading to the darker area (shadows made in step 2) using darker greyish brown. It will define more the curls.

drawing afro-curls


Step 4

You can apply a dark saturated purple to the darkest area of the hair, keeping it to a minimum. Use it mostly on the bottom of the hair. Purple color won’t look purple because of the layers of the brown marker, but it will give the hair more vibrancy. With simply black or grey the hair would look less interesting.

Finally, draw some curls using the fine-line pen.

drawing afro-hair

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