Entertaining, wise and compelling, this fly-on-the-wall fashion documentary takes after the virtuoso that is Karl Lagerfeld as he creates the Chanel AW 2014 couture collection. Take a glimpse of the whole design process starting with the first draft sketches made by the maestro himself. Examine careful, almost scientific engineering process of garments by a flock of highly skillful French seamstresses, before moving to the breath-taking show.


“Signe Chanel” is a documentary comprised of 5 parts: Anticipation, Ritual, Sleepless Nights, Doubts and Collection. Each part describes a distinctive stage of the whole creative process from the initial sketch to the final fashion show.



The staff is waiting for Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches for Winter collection to finally arrive. As they reach the studio, 3 main seamstresses announce the beginning of work for the new haute-couture collection.


With 3 weeks left, craftsmen and garments move back and forth between the Rue Cambon and the workshops of feather makers, the embroiderers, and milliners. Extra staff joined the workrooms and started working on the wedding gown. Finally, it is the weekend – the time for the fitting of the bridal gown. Lagerfeld is so happy with it that he designs four more crinolines. Eleven days left until the show.


One week is left before the show and the Chanel’s House is working at full speed.  The wedding dress has gone to Lesage’s for the embroidery. The last two days are even more wired due to styling with accessories and limitless finishing touches. The environment is very tense, as everybody is concerned about the completion of the collection in time.


It is when fittings begin that the hassle starts. Massaro the shoemaker dashes forward and backward between the Chanel’s Atelier and his workshop until he gets the right shapes for the shoes. Once the main set of toiles are endorsed, the selection of fabric can start. Picking and combining from the puzzling multitude of tweeds, satins, taffetas, and silks is an incredibly complex procedure – both intuitive and mathematical.


Finally, the huge day arrives. It is a filled time for the PR division. At last, the show starts. C’est le triomphe!  In the final scene, the atelier workers go to the in-house show. This is a closing test, as hardhearted eyes scan the garments for even the most modest flaws.

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  • Maria Luiza

    Hello, I am Brazilian and not quite understand English, but love watching your videos, I learn many things. I stoped here to tell you that I love to accompany you on instagram,youtube and I admire you very much. Kisses..

  • Tina Drapic

    Hi, thank you so much for these videos , it helped me so much to understand the real fashion world. I would like to know if you are gonna post another videos like this from another fashion industries ?
    Thank you

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