The universe of Megan Hess is one of extravagant allure, the world in which French chic meets Old Hollywood glamor. Stepping into the world’s most renowned fashion houses, from Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, BVLGARI, ROLEX, Vogue,  to Tiffany and Co., Megan’s works show a beautiful mythical world of opulence. It is not a surprise that Ms. Hess became one of the industry’s most popular fashion illustrators. 

Megan Hess fashion illustrations


I just never knew when I was young that it was a possible career choice. - Megan Hess

Megan Hess was born with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Nevertheless, she never thought of becoming an illustrator. Megan started as a graphic designer as she thought that it was one of “real jobs” for an artist. She continued her career as an Art Director for several world’s leading Advertisement Agencies.

After several years in the advertisement industry, she packed everything up and moved to London where she did dozens of creative jobs. Everything started from Liberty Department store, for which she created several small illustrations. After that commissions began to follow.


In 2008 Hess illustrated the New York Times bestseller ‘Sex and The City’. After the release of Candace Bushnell’s book, Hess was pushed onto the world stage and began illustrating Portraits for Vanity Fair, TIME and Italian Vogue. Following that, she started drawing for Chanel, Cartier, Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany & Co.  She even made a series of portraits for America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Megan Hess fashion illustrations


Megan first started drawing mostly in black and white with a Japanese brush. Later she collaborated with Mont Blanc on a project for UNICEF and during that project, they made a bespoke pen for her. She still uses that pen, which she calls Monty.

Megan Hess fashion illustrations

Megan’s easily recognizable style can also be found in her own collection of bespoke homewares, scarves, stationery and limited edition prints sold globally. She has published a book of her illustrations and just recently has launched a rug line, called ‘The Vintage Jewels’.

Megan Hess rags

“I think if it’s what you really want to do then do it and don’t let anything put you off course. The more you do something the better you’ll get. Students often ask me how to find their style and I always say that if you just keep drawing, your style will find you.”

Megan Hess fashion illustrations


Megan Hess prefers her women strong and elegant, hyper-feminine and chic with the direct, simple gaze of the 50s fashion illustrations. There are no seducing pouts, no eye-popping cleavage or knicker-flasher hemlines in her illustrations for Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Bloomingdale’s, and plenty of other prestigious clients.

I'm inspired by women, and I want my work to inspire them.- Megan Hess


When she lacks inspiration she gets out of the studio. She finds changing the environment is the best way to break an artist’s block. “As soon as I take the focus off of trying to think of a concept or idea, one suddenly comes”, – she says.

Megan Hess fashion illustrations

“There are enough fashion illustrators out there doing women as naive Bambi-like figures that look helpless or fragile or cowering,” Hess says. “I’ve never been inspired by that.”

Megan Hess fashion illustrations


Recently she published an illustrated autobiography of Coco Chanel’s life. She wanted to create an illustrated journey through the life of  a woman that she truly admired.  Moreover, the book is full of interspersed with historical anecdotes and famous quotes from Coco herself, Karl Lagerfeld and other key fashion icons of the era ✨

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